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Sensory room

The sensory room is a wonderful resource that all students have the opportunity to experience throughout their week at school.

The sensory room is a regular part of the weekly timetable for many of our classes. It is specifically equipped with sensory equipment that targets all of the students senses including touch, sight and sound.

It is the space to enhance sensory stimulation, relaxation and motor skills of our students.

The sensory room is often utilised by many teachers for the major key learning areas such as English (storytime), mathematics (counting), visual arts (painting and other craft work) and music (playing and making music/sound with instruments).

Students are encouraged to make choices in what they want to do, whether it's the use of the projector, a Tac Pac, disco lights, hand and feet massage or the bubble machine.

The students find the sessions a happy and relaxing time which contributes to a general feeling of wellbeing amongst the class.